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I don't have that much artwork, but I hope you enjoy the ones I have!:meow:

Random Favourites

Holy snickerdoodles! Over 30,000 Faves!:faint: I Fave way too much... I don't have much art in yet. You can look at all of my Favorites, if you want to. If it's Pokemon, Sonic, My Little Pony, or Kirby, I'm interested!:D

I prefer others actually drawing their own artwork. I'm not big on others using screenshots or tracing other pictures...
  • Mood: Lazy
  • Listening to: Phycho - Faydee
  • Reading: Sonic comics & Gate 7
  • Watching: tonsa stuff
  • Playing: I'll play anything, really...
  • Eating: was eating delicious ice cream ;p
  • Drinking: ...thirsty...!

..."Nintendo" Sonic the Hedgehog? Don't think so. :iconangryshadowplz: <( Not in MY lifetime, meaning it will never happen! ) XD


Been doing well so far...well, if you even care, anyway...but oh, well! ...Long time, no talk!:)

Getting me a PlayStation 2...hopefully sometime soon... -_-; The seller on eBay was supposed to have the system at our house about a week ago. Turns out that's when he decided to ship it... >_-; Gonna have to see, I guess...
Planning on getting Klonoa: Door to Phantomile (for the PS1) for it. If I like it a lot, I'll plan on getting the sequel!:meow: ...Got some new Pokemon shirts coming soon, too.:pokeball::)

Ace & the other cats (or as we like to call them, "widgets"! (...Don't know why, it just sounds funny) are doing OK. Ace has been pretty wild lately, especially with the new cat tower we got for 'em (He likes to rest in the box! Whenever I scare him inside, he does an adorable "mirr"!)! Oh, yeah, & he's a year old now! No longer a kitten anymore! He's mischievous, but he's really a little angel.:heart:

I've done a couple more cool drawings, so I'd better get to submitting them sometime soon.^^;


:iconprincesstwilightplz: ...:meow: She pretty as a princess...

PS: Twilight's horn is longer & she's grown taller ever since she became a princess. Obviously, her wings are bigger than regular wings, too. Use your eyes, people (Well, the features aren't always shown, though...)! Plus, the 6 ponies are most likely in their teen years. Why? Their counterparts from the movie were the same! ...Sorry, I'm more trying to offend the people who've stupidly argued about it...
:iconkittycatgirl-tbv: = new Brony :iconlegaspplz:

...See what I did there in the title?


KittyCatGirl-TBV's Profile Picture
United States
Well, I have 4 wonderful (yet crazy) cats that I love with all my heart. I have a really weird brother, who is, as many brothers are, mean at times...but he's my brother, so I still love him!:D The bad thing is I hold grudges for a long time... Even though I am a cat person, I still like dogs and other animals, too. Some of my favorite foods are ice cream, peanut-butter-chocolate-chip cookies, black olives, corn dogs, and watermelon.:pokeball::D:meow: I usually have to look at something to draw it the best. A couple odd facts about me: I actually don't recall the last time I've ever had a Diet Coke, Pepsi, 7up, etc! I also don't know how to type...^^;


WORKING ON IT:pokeball:~My one favorite Pokemon of each type *looks through Pokemon books...* (I won't include Legendaries or "Eeveelutions"):

Normal - Lopunny
Fire - Typhlosion
Water - Bibarel?
Grass - Serperior
Electric - Raichu
Ice -
Fighting - Gurdurr
Poison - Nidoran (female)
Ground - Diggersby
Flying - Togekiss
Psychic - Ralts
Bug - Vivillon
Rock -
Ghost - Froslass
Dragon - Flygon
Dark -
Steel - Mawile?
Fairy - Floette

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